Jaw cavitations from a biological perspective.

The human body is consistently exposed to potential health risks that might not get immediate attention. For instance, everyone understands the dangers of increased blood pressure. Although the root cause can’t be felt, this condition can have fatal consequences. The same is true for many health conditions of the mouth. The majority of people aren’t concerned with severe dental issues due to their decreased prevalence. Still, it’s always important to understand the basics of these risks to know how to avoid negative habits and seek treatment if needed.

What is a cavitation exactly?

Dental jaw cavitations are often incorrectly associated with cavities because of the similar sounding terms. Although both dental conditions involve holes, the location is different. Cavities are holes in a tooth while cavitations are holes in the actual jawbone. Unlike cavities that are observable with the naked eye, jawbone cavitations are incredibly difficult to detect even with X-ray technology. They result from a lack of blood supply to the jawbone. This causes the bone tissue to die and eventually collapse. The precise causes of jaw cavitations aren’t known but some possibilities include the injury, bone pressure, certain medications, medical procedures, or long-term alcohol use.

Making sense of the problem.

Jaw cavitation pain isn’t always present for those experiencing this condition. Some people simply suffer from bone deterioration for years without realizing it. To make matters worse, even the most advanced forms of detection for cavitations still have a chance to miss the diagnosis. This increases the chances of negative health effects resulting from the cavitation. A dead jawbone isn’t the worst of it. The lack of healthy tissue can lead to the development of parasites, fungi, and bacteria. These microbial organisms can wreak havoc in the mouth, leading to even more negative health consequences. Ironically, dental procedures are the culprit of cavitations for many patients.

Finding a solution.

As with many health ailments, prevention starts at home with daily habits. In the case of cavitation, it’s crucial to practice oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing daily plus routine visits to the dentist are essential. Still, there are instances when this effort isn’t enough to ward off cavitations. Our mission at Bionetic Solutions is to run dental samples to check for microbes like bacteria, mold fungus, viruses, heavy metals, and more. We can get to the root cause of your pain for you and your dentist to discuss. Additionally, we can run tooth extractions to check for microbes as well.

Health Starts in the Mouth.

The Bionetic Solutions team believes that oral health is a critical part of overall health. That’s why we focus our efforts on detecting exactly what can be ailing patients through precision testing.

Bionetic Solutions is proud to be partnering with Rejuvenation Dentistry to test samples for their patients to get the care they need.


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