Using Scalar wave technology to read your morphogenetic field: Every cell/organ system in your body includes everything from past injuries, present state of being, and even what is manifesting now that can affect you in the future.

While there are various energy and medical devices on the market, most use the electromagnetic components of the wave which alters the cell and distorts the end result. Our exclusive technology is based on Nikola Tesla’s discovery of Scalar, tapping into what is known as the unified field or zero point energy field which results in NO distortions. The precision and safety of Scalar technology is profound.

Each treatment incorporates personalized signals specific to your need for protection against EMF, wireless radiation, dirty electricity, geopathic stress and other electrosmog stressors (Toxins and pathogens exposed to EMF are almost impossible to get rid of. EMF uses heavy metals in the body as an antenna. When dealing with mold toxicity studies have shown 600 times more mycotoxins are released when exposed to EMF). This provides you with optimal balance and protection as you work to reduce your exposure over time.


We record your body’s unique biofield responses using the Human Interface Device (HID).
It’s non-invasive and allows us to test for many categories that provide a profile of your current condition.



The collected data is processed to reveal your stress profile.
Once the body scan is complete, we view your top sensitivities and go over the results with you.


The captured information is imprinted into a bottle of liquid using proprietary Tesla coil technology and Scalar waves, formulated specifically to your individual profile with signals that would benefit your body the most.

New Technology

And now NEW technology allows us to create an energy card you wear on your body, it delivers the balancing frequencies to your body 24 hours a day.

End Results

Finally, we’ll provide you with recommendations for additional lifestyle changes and nutritional support, to help you manage your life better.

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