Delivering physical, emotional, and spiritual support to bio-balance the whole being, promoting sustainable optimal health and wellness

How It Works

Prolonged taking of strong herbs can cover up healing events. These natural bio-dynamic botanicals carry all of the basic physical benefits of herbals, yet are micro-dosed so they are highly absorbable by the body: Bypassing the liver processing and thus reducing the initial amount of herb needed. The herbs are ‘energized’ so that they carry a significant amount of kinetic energy, and can be imprinted because of its Shungite carbon structure, designed to retain electromagnetic information (Shungite carbon also protects the body from EMF and 5G, Viruses, Bacteria, and Parasites). This offers the best of both worlds: Micro-dosed herbals and highly energized cellular delivery that supports the mind, body, emotional stress, and psychic energy balancing effects.

Under stress, body systems weaken, and stress can downgrade all metabolic cellular function including metabolic and detox pathways, hormone systems, neurological systems, and body organ systems can all become negatively affected.

These remarkable botanicals offer support for your whole body, helping maintain healthy, energetic states and providing deep core level support from your cells to your body’s organs.

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