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Hi! My name’s Brian. I’m a Bionetic Counselor and the founder of Bionetic Solutions. I’ve always been fascinated by the self-healing powers of the human body. While studying Hypnotherapy and the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind, I began to look for ways to address emotional conflicts. I was intrigued by the Energetic and Homeopathic medicine used by the Swiss, Germans, and Russians to address various ailments.

Before diving into this fulfilling work, I studied Business Marketing and Management at Penn State University. However, my real passion always centered around Holistic and Eastern medicine. This enthusiasm and intrigue led me to take study in Applied Kinesiology under Dr. Gerald Mitchell DC, who recently certified me in Advanced Applied Kinesiology in Clinical Practice. Under Dr. Mitchell’s guidance, I’ve studied the crucial works of some of the greatest minds in alternative medicine including Dr. Chris Astill Smith of the UK, Dr. Scott Monk, Dr. Robert Miller, and Dr. Michael Leibowitz of Supreme Nutrition.

Throughout my academic and professional journey, my focus has always remained on helping individuals lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives. I believe Energetic medicine has so much to offer the West, and it’s my mission to bring that understanding to clients. It’s this passion that’s led to the development and establishment of Bionetic Solutions Inc.


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