Reduce physiological stress responses in the nervous system
with our non-invasive energy based technology system


Bionetic Body Scan

Address sensitivities, emotional blocks, nutritional deficiencies, and much more based on your needs.

Flower Essence Therapy for Emotional Health

Rebalance emotional states with nature’s vibrational remedies


Custom crafted, small batch natural botanical formulas you can trust.

“One of the worst outcomes of stress is a lowered immune system.”

— Dr. Schaffner of Dr. Klinghardt’s Sophia Health Institute

What does Bionetic Solutions offer you?

Bionetic Solutions offers advanced Bio-assessment and personalized therapies tailored specifically to your individual needs. Our Bionetic Feedback technology measures stress responses to determine functional imbalances in the body with a focus on emotional trauma, as it is believed to be the cause behind most, if not all, illnesses. Flower Essence Therapy and our natural bio-dynamic Botanicals facilitate healing on a cellular level, re-balancing the body while achieving and sustaining equilibrium, so you can go from feeling better to being the best version of yourself – for life.

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Resolve Emotional Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Improve Sleep
  • Enhance Mental Clarity, Memory and Focus
  • Reduce Depression and Addiction

Our Services

Bionetic Body Scan

Flower Essence



“At first I didn’t really notice anything different except that he slept a lot more. Then one day it was like a light went off! He started laughing all the time, cracking jokes, being his old goofy self. I had my son back!!! It is amazing how these sessions can change your life. He is a happy, confident young man now!!!”

Leah, MN

About Brian

Bionetic Practitioner

While studying Hypnotherapy and the conscious vs unconscious mind, Brian was looking for ways to address the emotional conflict behind most illnesses, along with health and healing, detox and genetic vulnerabilities. He was fascinated with the ways in which the Swiss, German, and Russians in Europe are using homeopathic and energetic medicine to address illness.