How Can Quantum Response Technology & Bionetic Solutions Help You Improve Your Health?

Bionetic Solutions offers advanced Bio-assessment and personalized therapies tailored specifically to your individual needs. Our Bionetic Feedback system measures stress responses to determine functional imbalances in the body using proprietary Tesla coil technology and Scalar wave analysis. It’s non-invasive and gives your body the information it needs to self heal.

With Bionetic Feedback technology, you get to core issues quicker. We can measure the body’s responses to over 135,000 stimuli including Vitamin and Mineral imbalances, Food and Environmental sensitivities, Heavy Metals, Microbes (Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Lyme), Hormones, Metabolism, and much more.
Go from feeling better to being the best version of yourself – for life.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

-Nikola Tesla

Everything on this planet is made up of atoms - water, plants, and animals, all which produce, emit, and receive energy that operates at a specific frequency. Cells, tissues, organs, emotions, and thought patterns all have their own unique electro-magnetic fields, as well as allergens, viruses, or bacteria. All things have a frequency - including YOU (the human body).
Cells, tissues, organs, emotions, and thought patterns all have their own unique electro-magnetic fields

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Resolve Emotional Trauma

Reduce Depression and Addiction

Improve Sleep

Enhance Mental Clarity, Memory and Focus


Science of Bionetics

Bionetics is a complex science founded on the premise that the body is, by nature, intelligent and that all processes within it are “mindful” (F. Kapra). It was first penned by Walter Cannon, what he called Wisdom of the Body, and which later was termed Innate Intelligence by Daniel David Palmer. This science recognizes that the body cannot be separated from the mind and neither can the mind be separated from the body. Bionetic scanning allows participants to discover toxic emotional, mental, physical and spiritual vibrational energies trapped on many levels of our bioenergetic system. When we enhance and balance the mind-body-spirit connection, the energy of our system becomes more coherent and healing begins. Healthy emotions, energy, and focus are restored.

Most people don’t know how poorly they feel, until they feel better.

– Mark Hyman M.D.

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